Bye, bye University Boulevard.

Friday, October 13th: CMU and the Chamber of Commerce give proposal to City Council members.

CMU 20000 is an Initiative sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and supported by hundreds of City residents to support CMU. This group is a major advocate to change the name of North Avenue to University Boulevard. But there seems to be a change in their position: their October 13th letter urges City Council to back off on the name change. CMU 20000 also wants Council to appoint a task force. See below for this letter.

Fri Oct 13: North Ave businesses give proof of huge costs to Council. Councilman Wortman says: lies.

Over 40 pages of verifiable documentation in spiral-bound booklets was delivered to each member of City Council from North Avenue businesses proving that the renaming of North Avenue will force businesses to pay more than $150,000 out of their own pockets if North Avenue is renamed. Council member Duke Wortman told The Daily Sentinel that he doesn't believe the businesses. Click here for link to The Daily Sentinel. See below for the cover letter given to Council members with the booklets.

Monday, October 16th: writes City Council encouraging them to rescind renaming. wrote a letter to Council suggesting that the task force being proposed by CMU 20000 in their October 13th letter should be expanded to include business representatives from both North Avenue and 12th Street since those two streets are identified as targets for renaming by the CMU 20000 Initiative. See below for this letter.

Wednesday, October 18th: City Council's agenda includes CMU 20000 proposal to stop the name change.

The Agenda published by The City for the Council meeting on Wednesday, October 18th, includes the following: Discussion and Possible Direction Regarding North Avenue/University Boulevard and CMU 20000. The documents on the City website show that Council will do what CMU 20000 is requesting in their letter dated Oct 13th, and more action will be taken by Council on November 1st. See below for the Agenda pages from the City's website. 

Wednesday, November 1st: City Council agenda includes resolution that rescinds renaming!

Tonite, City Council will vote on a new resolution that rescinds the old resolution and North Avenue will not be renamed!

And, City Council is also voting on another resolution to establish a 5-member Alliance to promote CMU's goals and recognize "the importance and contributions of all of those interested in the success of North Avenue."

What will it really cost?

The businesses on North Avenue will have to spend thousands of dollars because The City, The University (CMU), the Chamber of Commerce, and the North Avenue Owners Association (NAOA) decided that North Avenue should be renamed to University Boulevard.

Why did The City change the name?

Most of the businesses on North Avenue were not asked if 

they wanted the name changed.  

What really happened?

What can you do?

If you are a registered voter who lives in the City of Grand Junction and you do not want North Avenue renamed to University Boulevard, you can sign the petition that is being circulated now.

If you are a business owner on North Avenue, here is a form to complete stating your opinion of the name change and the costs you will be forced spend out of your own pocket.

Watch this excellent video about renaming North Avenue:

Teresa Black is a military veteran, former candidate for City Council,  and former director of the Grand Junction homeless shelter. She is a resident of Grand Junction and she has an MBA from CMU. This video is a "must listen" for everyone who cares about our City - no matter which side of the issue you are on.