The businesses on North Avenue will have to spend thousands of dollars because The City, 

The University (CMU), the Chamber of Commerce, and the North Avenue Owners Association (NAOA) 

decided that North Avenue should be renamed to University Boulevard.

The North Avenue businesses forced to spend thousands.

NAOA Vice President says it only costs $300 - $1,000 to "handle the change" to University Boulevard.

Does this sound like the truth to you? 

(See, The Daily Sentinel, Joe Vaccarelli, September 2, 2017.)

North Avenue businesses are being contacted to find out what it will really cost.

Beginning on August 28th, the businesses on North Avenue are being contacted in a planned, systematic way, and asked how much they will have to spend if North Avenue is renamed. 

This is a time-consuming process: a Costs/Expenses Form is hand-delivered to the business owner and it takes up to a week before the owner has the calculations finished so the Form can be picked up.

The real costs are staggering! Read all the completed Forms below.

See below for many of the Forms that have been returned already. 

Not every business owner wants to be identified, so there is a group of "Anonymous Forms." 

Be assured: every single Form has been completed by and picked up from a North Avenue 

business owner/manager.

There will be unintended consequences.

The most unexpected response from a couple of North Avenue business owners is their contemplation of moving if they have to spend hundreds of dollars to accommodate the name change. These small businesses don't have the cushion in their budget. Moving home or sharing space is their option to stay in business.

Our Senior Researcher is walking miles every week.

The Senior Researcher is John Edwards, and he is volunteering several hours every weekday and on Saturdays to get this job done. He is meeting with the owners and managers at each business. John does not own property or a business on North Avenue, but he is a long-time City resident. He is troubled by what is happening and wants to help "make it right" for the North Avenue businesses. 

So far, a large majority of the businesses he is talking with are opposed to changing the name of North Avenue.

More than $150,000 out of the pockets of businesses!

Is this worth the burden on these businesses?

Who will benefit from this?

Who will be hurt?

Can the goal be accomplished another way?